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Yesterday I tried logging into my account on Listia. I sent them a email asking if they could help me out.

They sent me a email saying my account was banned, they did not state the reason why. I sent them a email asking why and they replied back saying my account was banned due to not shipping out items. This is not true at all. I shipped out a pair of $60 boots, A Victoria Secret Bra, and a forever 21 party dress.

I had 88,000 point when they banned my account!! I sent them a email with screen shots of the tracking on USPS saying my items where delivered.

I had also received positive feedback from all my bidders. They haven't replied back to my email!

Review about: Listia Account.

Reason of review: Saying my items where not shipped.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Montebello, California, United States #1076856

Why do they do that ban ppl and dont say any i didnt do snything wrong i shipped things and got gd feedback they kicked me out said nothing, someone please help me,

Montebello, California, United States #1076851

They locked me out too for no reason, i had lots of credits, i tryed sending them a msg n it wontngo through they are wrong, i dont have money to the hrow away on shiping n now lose it all, why listia? Scamers, barterqueen75,

Galveston, Texas, United States #1005556

tell me the login info and the email u used for the account and i might be able to help u i am a listia mod myself

to listia mod 2011 Montebello, California, United States #1076858

Can someone help me?

Galveston, Texas, United States #1005554

tell me the login info and your email and i might be able to fix it for u.

Rockville, Maryland, United States #957976

I had essentially the same problem with Listia, although with some minor differences. In my case it was not an accusation that I did not ship the items, but rather fraudulent referrals and fraudulent bidding.

It is true that I referred my family members, and that one of them and I had a reciprocal arrangement to bid on each others' auctions so as to effect suitable minimum bids. We could not find any way to do this, and we *** sure do not want to pay for free (as in, free to the recipient, but not to us of course) shipping for a valuable item that was won with a bid of one Listia credit. And sadly I have had the experience more than once of having to provide an item for one lousy credit. Well, criminal mastermind that I am for doing this, they banned me.

No warning, so probation period, just an outright ban. My appeal to explain the situation got me nowhere with them. They take fraud seriously is all they said. But my referrals were NOT fraudulent at all, and it is still questionable if the bids were fraudulent.

I mean, they were real bids with real Listia credits changing hands. Nothing fraudulent about that. And yeah, I confess that I did not read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them, but who does? After the fact I did read them, and they were ambiguous at best.

No fraudulent bids?!? Um, OK, I won't bid fraudulently. No explanation as to what that even means, and it certainly was not clear that two members could not cross bid to effect that minimum bid price I mentioned earlier. I had thousands of credits left when they banned me, and to get them I shipped out many items (paying for shipping too), and also spent real money to purchase credits (essentially) by making qualifying purchases from their sponsors in special offers they list on the site.

Now I feel like I have been robbed. They could have just explained to me what I am not to do, and I would have followed the newer and clearer set of instructions, but no, they never gave me that opportunity.

Who the *** is running their Draconian justice system? Does anybody know if there are any other similar auction sites with their own credits, as opposed to actual money?


Hi I am a listia moderator we are very sorry for what you are experiencing on listia please contact us again or wait a while Because I am super sorry and hope you get your account back I will try my best to unband you. It is very mean for a person to lie and give you a negative feedback if you get your account back please block that person so they can not get you banned again.

There is nothing I can do to help you right now so please be patient.

Thank you for Sharing your awful experience with us. We hope to help you soon in the future.

to Mia Listia Moderator USA 61065 Galveston, Texas, United States #1005560

can u help me out aswell someone hacked my listia account i did a support tickt but they changed my password on my account my user name was clarissa63 the hacker changed my password i can also prove that im clarissa.i had 30,000 credits on that account and cant afford to replace them if u can help email me at thanks much

Winder, Georgia, United States #905795

Had same issues. Said I never sent stuff even had proof that I did.

I had other listia people emsil them saying they loved working with me. They lifted my account for 5 mos then came back and said I was banned for having too many bogus accounts.

But I only had one.they owe over $2000 that I add spent on items I cards and other things I added up. I did report them to BBB.

Atlantic Beach, Florida, United States #896615

They are doing the same thing to me, I have outstanding profile 100% feedback over 4000 fans, almost 4000 positive transactions. Listia locked down my account, and will not allow me use any, no explanation, just, other then "your account is suspended until further notice because of suspicious activity"


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