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Listia saved my address wrong, I told him and sent my address via email, a practice Listia does not support, but I was a new user at the time and did not know. He never got back to me, tried to correct the issue or anything at all.

About a week later Listia finally managed to save my address right and I sent it to him the proper way. He said that he would not give me the item I bought and kept my credits. Listia does allow a seller to keep credits if a buyer does not send a proper address within four days , BUT 1. It was Listia's fault I could not save the right address in the first place.

2. He never even tried to help me, or inform me about the right way to approach the problem. 3.He could have been a decent person shipped out the product a week later after Listia saved my address right, but chose not to.

Just because Listia rules allowed him to keep the credits (over 10,000 ) and not give me what I paid for doesn't mean that it is the right thing to do, it seems like stealing to me. Not a nice guy, would not recommend.

Review about: Listia Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10100.

Preferred solution: Credit refund.

I liked: Possibility for free stuff.

I didn't like: Poor servic, Scam-like practices.

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I agree I had one seller keep 1 mil credits right before Christmas I had submitted my address but for whatever it had not gone through. I didn't know and honestly got busy and almost forgot about the item and 2 others I had won (address didn't go through on those 2 either) and that seller also.kept my credits.

I explained to both it must have been a site issue neither cared and wouldn't send the items. They were to be got my daughter for Christmas!

Contacted listia they did nothing to help me.Absolutely horrible and I have been.a member since 2009 and usually always submit my address (verified by the way) right away.Both sellers could have still shipped but choose to be ignorant and selfish so much for a community website. And now the new credits system is hard to understand.Such a shame this site used to be awesome.


To be honest, you are really in the wrong. Listia didn't save your address wrong, YOU are the one who put it in wrong.

You can even edit it! Or add another address! I'm not even sure how you put in the wrong address, but he is not in the wrong, why should he risk sending the items to a wrong address which might result in him getting banned because of you? Even if you were a new user, you should have read all the terms and guideline in how to function on Lisita, not everyone has the time to help others!

Plus the monetary value of your "loss" isn't even close to $10,100.

10,000 credits are not even 50 cents! Don't try to blame others for being "basically thieves".

to Anonymous #1457633

This is not true I have been with listia since 09 and always have my address verified. The site glitcged and messes up and has even changed my zip on its on dud the same with listings I already had up with the correct address zip but I go on and it say a different one days later.Again member since 2009 and the site has in my opinion literally home to ***

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