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should be ****

her email is: songsofsong33 at gmail dot com

facebook: facebook dot com/ caroldennis.dennis

Original review posted by user May 14, 2014

The buyer accused the seller for no reason. Buyer seems to not understand how to communicate and is pushy as well as harsh. Buyer is an idoit. No respect for others. Listia's rule: in favor of buyer. Pathetic.

Buyer username: Darol

Rating: Highly retarded. Does not know how to spell. Accusing without evidence or proof.

Below: comments from buyer

1. If this is dumb than i will send it bk .N get my credits n listia knows u cant send at this time.I talked the the other who had this n she said it was junk.Thats not right u know.N just cause something says it china dont mean its a collectable.We in debt to China .China suckssss but i thought this was a cute cloth bag.But its not i found out what it is.

2. This what she said n honey i have a 133 IQ ty

3. He also says he sent this gumball *** wrapper this is a joke.N no tracking with this hes not sending a nice bag.He lies i want my credits bk.

4. U do have fake accounts including u recent ending so called bag or i mean gum ball wrapper.Well this auction is fake u won ur own auction with ur other fake account.U ur so called bag auction pic is a zoomed up pic.My dad is a PI .

5. Im goin to request a refund u cant send me garbade u know .

6. So what is this super cool bag made out of i had to get cause i just got chop sticks for my husband n i lol

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Show that tracking number to listia staff. then they will suspend buyer.


if that person use 2 or more listia accounts, contact listia staff to suspend that person.


seller, do you have tracking code when you send this mail? even if buyer complains, if sellers has correct tracking code.

yes listia would suspend buyers instead. only if sellers buy tracking code when they send item to buyers in listia.

that is why tracking number is very important, you can only avoid such dishonest buyer in listia by buy tracking (2.5US) when you send mail, and let me tell you one thing, not all china people are so bad, only this Darol who can;t even speak english properly, if I in listia get anybody items I would not claim I dont get them if the sellers had really sent items. I am not so evil nor greedy.


china not sucks, that person sucks


if he had over 1 listia account contact listia and ban him immediately

to OlivieO #820117

its the real commentary

ask darol

here was the original item:

to responsetooliveo #828638

not all china people are so evil only darol one person and a few very evil bad devils. most chinese people are friendly and very very very honest


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