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Listia you are no better than Madoff you made – off with my$ credits

This group stole my life savings, my precious safe-keeps, tricked

me into listing my precious items for $0 credits. Goods valued $289,620 sold for

968,940 credits they stole. I never got 968,940 credits

for my sales, $0.0 money credit & surprise suspension.

This is not a communist country, people exchange stuff for what

ever, but never for zero 0. You promised me credits money, if I list my goods

and ship. You bunch of ***'s Koran &

Muslim group think they can get away with this deceptive auction gambling, yes

that is what it is, another victim I read here, so right on the money.


You bunch of ***'s do not like US Military Members, you all playing with

peoples lives, THIS IS NOT A GAME, this is not KOREA!

Tell the Federal courts class action suite

I miss my deceased husband US army

jewelry, and my other children stuff sold on Listia shipped to Listia buyers

for ZERO $0.0 0 Credits!

Non-English speaking customer service, Customer service from Korea,

Middle East & Russia receives email from buyer or seller the reply is

suspension 0 credits $0.0 no answers to inquiries.

This Muslim Russian Koran Group of Listia is responsible. Customer

service work is done from Korea, Middle East and Russia; they pay

workers $1.00 per week salary. Listia originated from

Middle East by James Fong and is Muslim


Here are Listia group names to get them!

James Fong OWNER Koran main language Koran but speaks English;

Gee-Hsien Chuang Koran speaks Koran;

Tae Kang Koran Koran speaks Koran little English. Patent Holder;

Amir Muslim speaks Arabic Middle East;

Mabel muslim Arabic middle East also speaks Latin;

CB alias CB, afraid to disclose his name ;

Ngan Muslim & Russian related;

Rosie Koran Koran speaks Koran and little English;

Kevin P American speaks fluent English;

I have an attorney ready to file class action suit, join me

Listia victims, these Korea & Muslim group tricked us with deceptive

promises of credits and never disclosed they could take remove/take

away/steal/cancel credits any time they wanted.

According to the attorney I consulted, "Listia is NOT

operating according to the Statutes and Federal laws,

not according to an auction business, there

are so many violations that it amounts to a PONZI scheme intentionally set up

to rid us of personal properties and to defraud us."

File in higher US Federal Court for Millions

in damages and stolen credits, pin the IRS their credit steal behind, and leave

their *** in suspended in Federal prison.

Listia victims read on and contact me.

contact me at gfservice at rocketmail dot com

My husband died defending this country, but I will fight for my rights against

Listia Koran & Muslim discriminative, non-American, deceptive, communist

business practices!

THIS IS AMERICA ! Listia revamp your communist auction gambling rules

for a real auction business and restore and credit reinstate those you

stole and scam in addition to damages, THAT WILL BE MY REQUEST FROM


Monetary Loss: $675.

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they are good at what they do---I'm looking into a matter of them lowering a credits values without telling anyone-and ive lost millions in credits because of this


I too would like to join a class action suit

Dallas, Texas, United States #993388

Your post is rambling and makes no sense.Did you think you were going to get CASH on a free auction site?

Lisitia works on credits, not cash.

Do you really think that anyone believes you auctioned off almost $300,000 of sentimental personal items? I mean, come on, that figure alone is absurd - I would have to sell every single item I have in my home to raise that much... I rather doubt you had small, shippable items worth this much!!

Furthermore, if you did auction items and you received ove 200,000 in credits, why didn't you bid on new things that you needed? THAT is how the site works. But it seems that you truly do not understand this. It is not eBay...

it is not cash... it is just Listia. I have listed a truck load full of stuff, received good credits for the items and then bid and won many many many more things than I have sent out!! It's all good/good - win/win as far as I can see.

Sure, once in a while you meet a bad member who jerks you around and doesn't send the item or it arrives broken or whatever. But this is also easily dealt with - you ask for a refund. Listia Moderators have been extremely helpful to me when I have had to do this. So yes, SOME members are bad and some of the rules don't seem to make complete sense BUT it WORKS!!!!!

I have a filled 2 closets and 2 china cabinets, have enough seeds to plant the whole city and more jewelry than I will ever wear - all from Listia... all for FREE or nominal...

I could of NEVER gotten those cards anywhere else, especially for FREE with online credits... I find this AWESOME!!!!!!

Those that are screaming wildly and ranting incoherently about Listia are obviously some of those bad members who got busted doing something against the rules and they were booted off. This is a good thing that they were banned. All that wailing and crying about shows to me they didn't deserve to be on Listia in the first place.

MOST people there follow the rules, are honest, do ship the winnings, do keep shipping free or low-cost and post really really nice things! If it's not for you then it's not for you.

But please do pipe down.

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I tried sending you an email but it was rejected.Is it possible to get your email to send you a letter about mine and my husbands situation with listia.

They stole $9,000 dollars out of my husbands bank account.

My email is contact me

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #966246

i want ot join a suit they just banned my account for multiple accounts i only have 1. They stole 1 million pending credits for items shipped with tracking and insured $2000 cash value plus another 500,000 lost credits in items i bought that i will never recieve


listia *** sucks and are using unfair practices lets get them SOBs back.


I will join the snakes stole 55000.We need to take action now!!Listia is now reported with visa international to be investigated.

I believe they have fraudulent merchant account (s) and I know for a fact Listia is in violation of visa and MC rules!!!%hey are snakes that need to be punished for their actions!!!


They did the same to me 55000+ credits.I am also contacting Visa & MC for violating there rules .

I want to file a class action suit against this scam company.I'm disappointed with the BBB 43 complaints in 12 months and gives them A rating


ill join that suite.they got me for 44,000


Me too!!!! I'm in, just let me know how!

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