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Today my Credit Balance on listia is 3,843,365. I sent a few email to listia , all the answers from listia is ( are not eligible to be sold) . Listia is stealing my credits because all my credits is about items that I sold on listia. I'm waiting more than 2 month to sell my credits.

Listia is fraudulent site to the seller, listia has lying information for exemple from listia website (What are pending credits?

When a listing ends with a winner, the winner's credits are not immediately transferred to the seller. Instead, they are held in a pending state by Listia for the protection of both parties, kind of like an escrow. Credits automatically transfer to the seller 20 days after a listing has ended)

the information is 20 days, I'm waiting to sell my credits more than 2 month.

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Your credits are being held because they don't trust you!

I've been there since 2010 and my credits on were held ONE time.

Because it was negative state by 5,000 credits. After buying some credits an taking care of it, my credits were released.

I assume you are listing gift cards? or maybe the credits are being held until the buyer gets their package?

If you sell gift cards, you can't sell the credits until after so many days.

Listia told me that those that they trust, they give a courtesy perk to them so they can get their credits right away. (I'm one of those sellers)

They are not stealing anything. Apparently you are listing gift codes or some kind of digital items.

I like how you post a picture but it proves nothing. Post a picture of what your selling :)

Joplin, Missouri, United States #1188239

You use credits to buy things. You can only sell credits once you have your seller wings AND have sold multiple 500,000+ auctions in the past month.

Then you are put in a waiting list and whoever is on the waiting list that sells the cheapest gets bumped to the front of the line. Listia is not advertised for selling credits.

It's advertised for using credits to buy things. Read the rules before whining.

to Anonymous #1237999

Actually he placed a sell order, so he is a credit seller, I hope he is not a greedy one lol. He is making enough credits to sell them.

I say he is listing gift cards, that is why they are not sell-able. All I see on this site is whiners.

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