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A company with bad customer services and even hire people to type online, type fake feedback that I enjoy listia, it's great site, it;s you misuse /abuse the listia rules not obey listia rules, and funnel credit so I dont pity your suspension. there are many people being hired by listia writing untrue and fake comments claiming that it's the users own fault to make users feel bad when they got suspended when many users did not get suspended.

do you really like this kind of bad company that needs to hire / pay people type untrue feedback that they really enjoy listia get a lot of things and it's just YOU who not obey rules and got suspended so I dont pity your experience. if you obey rule you can stay (which is drama and ***, and how listia write to offend people online) if listia is a good company does it need to do this drama online? people, use your brain to think.

when you got suspended, do you think those GOOD OR PERFECT FEELING FEEDBACK are really possible to happen to any normal users? it's really very very very difficult to stay in a site like listia which may suspend you tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Listia Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: listia needs to improve quality, instead of pay people write fake feedback or blame real suspended users by "you must violate rule to be suspended".

I didn't like: Staff write fake feedback or blame real listia suspended users.

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Now it is just 1 big fat rip off......someone even listed at $200 gift card for 22 million credits PLUS $800....Tell me how that even makes sense?


LOL. They don't pay me to type good feedback on this site.

If you think I never been suspended, I have. I was suspended just recently, but they unsuspended me since I took care of the issue. I was suspended from bidding because I had too "many" orders to ship. I had 30 orders to ship out.

I sent the recent orders and am no longer suspended from bidding.

Listia is a good site, but there is a lot of things I hate about it. For one, the credit rate, the waiting time limit to sell credits is now 39 days, plus after you do sell your credits, it takes additional 2-3 days to receive payout.

The moderators like to make up rules and some don't even follow the rules that are laid out.

Especially when it comes to some disputes.

Too many fake scam accounts posting bogus auctions, a lot of children. Even some adults act like children.

Sellers are asking way to much for gift cards.

10 million credits for $100 gift card. Listia told me they stopped inflation with the credit selling rate, but they need to stop it on the site. They need to limit who sells credits. Making 500,000 credits per month is so easy, so everyone and their mom cna sell credits.

I make around 100-150 million per month. If they limit the credit selling platform to sellers like me, they would see the waiting time limit go way down. There is only a hand full of sellers that make that many credits on Listia. Most make 1-5 million a month, I say shut them out.

We big sellers work for our reputation. So no I'm not a mod, or listia staff member.

I'm a seller & buyer just like all the other 8 million members. :)

to ListiaCokeRewards2 #1303960

You serious? Have you read what you posted?

You complain on Youtube about "greedy sellers" yet you can clearly see by your comment right here that you are one of the most selfish greediest ones of them all! The credit selling wait time is because people like you, not the people that only sell a few hundred thousand. "I'm a seller & buyer" you say, yet you are complaining that you can't be strictly a seller. What makes you so entitled that you should be one of the only credit sellers?

Seriously you're a main reason the credit ratio went from 8,000 per $1 to 27,500 per $1 within the course of one year... Serioulsy 300%+ inflation rate within one year all because you had to keep selling your 100s of millions of credits for less and less.

The site has gone to *** from people like you. Pure greed, plain and simple...

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