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Hey everyone! I am not wasting time, I thought I'd share my listia experience. I joined listia a few weeks ago. I thought it was the best idea there ever was! And indeed, it was...until my account got suspended for no reason.

I was scrolling through the special offers page, to try and find a offer that would help me get the iPhone 4S on listia I was interested in. I finally found one for 16,000 credits. Note that I only had 2,000 credits before that.

Shortly before I was finished with the offer, I got an email saying that my account had been suspended. Listia says they'll include your reasons of suspension in the email. I never got a reason...just an email about suspension. I did not see this email until I finished my offer.

I finished my offer, excited to get a lot of credits. I refreshed my page to redeem my credits. It took me back to the login page. I hit ENTER to log back in. Of course, I get the "your account has been suspended" message!!

I search on listia's site, and they say they'll include the reasons in the email. I opened up my email, and I had an email saying my account has been suspended. However, there were no reasons.

I contacted them, waiting for a reply. I wonder if I will get this issue solved.

Also, I cannot make another account and start fresh. I created a new email after my old one was suspended. I tried signing up with the new email. The response I got was "You have already requested to sign up with this email"

I tried using any other emails, but got the same message..

What are your opinions? I really need to get this fixed. Thanks!

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I was winning a bid and they suspended my account because I commented I was 16 years old to a 14 year old kid and they suspended me for being underage like wtf.

to Anonymous #1359776

That's pretty reasonable, you provided proof that you were underage bro.

Matthews, North Carolina, United States #1291949

Listia sux really not worth the hassle

A lot of scammers on there


Listing is a good website to get free stuff but when people work up to a few years to get a good Listia and Listia deletes your account that is


And yet not even one of you has replied to my call for a class action law suit.Standing alone, we will accomplish nothing.

Working together, we might be able to bring them down, or at least have them reinstate us and our lost credits, and make the necessary changes to reform the system.

I am asking YET AGAIN ...who would like to consider a class action law suit?

#1132190 some *** there got mad at my comment and destroyed 5 years of my rep with this company. F&$* YOU LISTIA...AND THE SORRY A$$ KIDS YOU HIRE AS MODS.



i was with them for 5 years.100% rating hundreds of awesome items given away...

I flagged an auctioin that a teen kid had for a was obviously fake..

the next day..they are still there..and the next i flagged them again..i wrote to listia and asked why they let these people stay here scamming others ..i told them they need to hire people with some street smarts to see through these scams because i see them every single day..and listia's employees are literally oblivious to the reality..they would we have it under control, but they dont, thats why instead of deleting obvious scammers, they write a *** note asking the scammer to be more descriptive..LMAO... this company is a joke...

they banned me today for telling them to wake up and get the fakes off reason it should take days..thats DAYS of innocent people being scammed to bid when it should be done immediately..they should have hired to work for them! ..a worker there ( no doubt some moronic clown of a teen


I still like the idea of a class action law suit.I know a few attorneys that I can talk to, and hopefully at least one of them might be interested in taking the case, although I guess the most obvious question would be what is in it for the lawyer?

Given the low chance of recovering anything, we do not want to pay the lawyer by the hour, but would prefer to cut them in on our winnings. But then that begs the question ... even best case scenario, what would our winnings be?

Just getting reinstated?A lawyer cannot share in that!


They did the same to me just now


yeah same here i got banned for saying "no" to this question: "can i have ur iPad for 3000 credits plz" got banned for "customer abuse"

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