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It's Listia's policy to hide the truth from their members. There is a long history of this.

How many emails have you received on updates to their policy? None, yet if you look at archived history of their site and use a text comparison site you'll notice they have made changes. The policy of the site also includes settling disputes rather than making a determination for a single party. This is to keep both sides happy and continue using the site.

Yes they will make single party determinations in situations, but the majority is to settle the disputes so both parties get credits. Figure a seller that looks legit at first glance decided they want to leave the site. They decide to list some auctions and make a few hundred or thousand dollars worth of credits, I don't want to use a credit value here due to inflation. The seller spends the credits and don't send the items.

The buyer files a dispute amd gets refunded while the sellers account get suspended and goes negative. This is a major cause of inflation on the site which is not addressed. Customer support handled everything at the company in regards to tickets, disputes, fraud, rewards auctions, and newsletter. With a small team and a workload that could have easily handled twice the number of people there could have been a site that handled everything better.

Different divisions in customer support should have been created where specialists could have worked with their customers amd investigated fraud instead agents spent a minimal amount of time with each customer to meet support goals that management created. There was a department of labor dispute filed against the company due to customer support agents being overworked and not compensated for their overtime. It was the culture to work you're eight hours in the office and then go home and put in more hours at the company. The moderator team wasn't even getting paid and to keep up with the growing workload of the customer service agents workload such as verifying address, support tickets, investigating fraud, etc was assigned to them.

There is a lot more that occurs behind the scenes and other problems that should be addressed but ignored by the company. With the moderator team gone and customer support being outsourced to the UK customer support will suffer more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Listia Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Feb 21, 2017.
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they have problem, same address use by 2 people, suspension.many people got suspended by this, then listia claim "people greedy, wanna eat all items in one house" listia now even hire staff write fake comments on this site, people, use your eyes see what happen.

those whom listia really suspended, I understand you, because we are also on same boat together. those who said listia is good, they stay for years, can you really swear in front of Jesus Christ, Allah and Buddha that you dont tell lies?

I wonder those why stay for years when listia continue banning people up and more and more people banned by listia so tell me people, if those staying people not staff, why? look around those who write negative real comments on listia.

they are like you and me, stay for the site, finally when you got banned, those staff pretend customers and blame us together.dont tell us you still believe listia fake customers which is actually paid / hired staff/employee here.


they only email you when they suspend you

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