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I had a Diy on listia I sent the person a url and then I said I was sorry and sent the whole Diy because I remembered other url isn't allowed.I thought it was also crazy because the buyer knew it was a Diy and they waited a month before they said anything about it I think that the Jamie person should be out of listia because she is making me where I don't want to use listia and alot of others have also comlainted about her I'll heard.

I would like this *** cleared up I mean I said it was a Diy and xplained what the buyer would get I mean this the the second time this has happened and it's the same person Jamie. I ant this cleared up so I can give good feedback about listia and how much I love it but that Jamie girl has to go she doesn't do her job right and I know I'm not the first one who's had a problem with her.

I just want things to be fair so no one is out of anything.The two services was Diy cute keys and the other was Diy clean you makeup brushes.

Monetary Loss: $1511.


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what are you really selling? never seen a do it yourself for sale.

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Whats the problem? OTHER than the fact you type like a middle school child. I have no idea what the complaint is about...your mother should not have done all those keg stands while you were in the womb

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