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This user called me a "mutt" and "troll" for asking a simple question. I blocked, flagged and reported her. She had tons of negative feedback and neutral feedback and she is STILL allowed to be on the site. She has gotten away with it and scamming a lot of people and Listia is just okay with it. I have screenshots to prove how horrid this person is. WHY ISN'T SHE BANNED YET???? ADDED (8/23/2016): I am also unable to flag bad listings from people who are blocked or have blocked me so she continues to list horribly and that's ok apparently

Also, expect to lose a lot of time and not gain credits. They give you surveys to do knowing they are going to disqualify you, yet you still have to answer 20+ pre-questions. They also put things like "register to receive your credits" and then you DO register and it goes into over 20 pages of ads and offers and then at the end has this silver, gold, and platinum offers that you HAVE to do to get your credits that all cost money and add more spam to your email. You have to pay shipping and handling for something out of that list to get your credits even though they already have your information and are going to spam you for the original offer, but not give you your credits. My email is so flooded it's not even funny...posting a screenshot.....this is pretty much all from Listia's offers and even when I unsubscribe, they keep sending more mail.

I have to lower my score to a one as this rule has made me do so: "Digital Items

Starting today, all newly listed items with digital delivery will need to meet one of the two requirements below:

1.The item can be used or claimed, and upon use, no longer has value and cannot be reused

2.The item being listed is Bitcoin......We feel that these changes surrounding digital items will help our community continue to grow in the best way possible. Today we're lucky to have members who list things they no longer need, as well as others who create their own handmade items or buy new items to give to others. Digital items that can be reproduced indefinitely, however, don't seem to fit as well into the type of community were trying to create." That whole quote is from Listia...... so what you're saying is, I can't sell a skin I get on CS:GO because the person could resell it or there are more out there. Are you dense????? Physical things can be resold too and they are!!! I buy Magic cards out of packs, that means they are not new. I cannot reproduce my CS:GO skins indefinitely....I worked hard for those!!@!!$@Q#$R&)(# ANGRY X-(

I liked: Being able to get free things, Winning auctions.

I didn't like: Scammers who abuse the site, Customer support, Do not care a bout you, Credits are low and hard to get, Digital trading rule is useless and unnecessary.

Review #906798 is a subjective opinion of a user.

Diversity of Products or Services
Discounts and Special Offers
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
Billing Practices
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Customer service
Price Affordability
Reason of Review / Monetary Loss no credits for finished offers, bad service, stupid rule etc / $400
Preferred solution Fix your stupid digital selling rule. Items that are tradable should be sellable and also hold your companies that present offers to be responsible and give people their credits for what they've done and not lie when you click the free button!!!

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You're upset that you aren't getting something for nothing?Then you call grinding for weapon skins in a video game hard work?


I'd be embarrassed if I were you.

Of course they're going to spam you, gathering email addresses and personal information is why those "surveys" exist in the first place.Welcome to the internet.


You need more idea's.All those badges are EASY to get.

I have over 50 badges.

I get badges monthly. You just gotta create idea's on what to list.


No, I won't tell you what to list.You figure it out.

to Anonymous Fulton, Mississippi, United States #1237967

I am not listing s**t.I am leaving this poor excuse for a site.

Their customer service is rude as f**k. Their rules are archaic. They lie a lot. They make you wait forever to block a s**t person you don't want to talk to that is harassing you.

They have done nothing to make this site innovative, they only made it worse introducing credit selling.You must be a mascot or one of their workers/bots.

to Anonymous #1237995

I don't work for them.I have been a seller there since 2010.

:) I started out selling small things and building my reputation. I ship 2-3 grand in items per month now.

Listing coke points will help you get your reputation going and getting your badges.;)

to Anonymous #1329844

No one is "harrassing" you.It is the internet!!!

If you don't like what people are saying, DON'T go to that site! Plain & simple. GEEZ!

Complaining on a site that is made for complaints.Smh

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